Faerie FAQ’s

Here are a few Frequently Asked Faerie Questions:

Who are the faeries?

Faerie is a general term and is interchangeable with elf in all its variants, as a name to describe all beings who dwell in Faerie Land.

What is a faerie?

If angels are the celestial guardians of the universe, then the faeries are the angels of the Earth. They are the spiritual manifestations and magical consciousness of every living thing on our planet. The role of a faerie is many and varied and they come in many different forms, but essentially their function is to guard, guide and nurture the living planet…and us.

Why do faeries and children have a special connection?

Faeries are believed to inhabit an untouchable place similar to the realms we all came from before we were born and came into our physical bodies. Children are closer to The Land of Faerie because, it is theorized, they are still loosely connected to that previous existence. All children are naturally predisposed to the faeries’ realm as all of us as children move and live in the realms of our imaginations, a place indeed on the cusp of the Land of Faerie.

Do all faeries have wings?

Only the faeries belonging to the element of air have wings. Air is meant to represent communication and thought, and the sylph faeries of the air encompass these qualities in the appearance of their wings.

Can people be faeries?

Some people believe that there are humans who have a faerie soul, and because of this they have fey characteristics in their personalities and physical appearance.

What is Faeriecraft?

Faeriecraft is essentially the merging of the faerie faith and the practice of witchcraft or wicca, it is sometimes also called faerie wicca.

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