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Teen Witch Workshop CD

An introductory guide to the craft. Whether it is the release of the new Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows, or simply the power of teen-age trend setting, our newest release, Teen Witch Workshop is HOT “Enter a realm of magic; gently and enchantingly where you will learn to awaken your natural ability to explore […]

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The Blog that Sparkles, Twinkles and even Winks… if you’re good.

A Ritual for No Other Reason Than Daisy is Going on Holiday Soon and We Have to Fit One in Quick! OR The Deep, Deep of Deepness The Evening of 2nd October 2010  The deep, deep of deepness is where we were headed that night.  Things are changing in The Daisy Faerie Ring.  The rituals […]

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The Blog with a Slight Sheep Element

More From The Blog that sparkled… And then legged it up the garden path 21st June 2010 – the Midsummer Solstice Here we are again, and apologies for the long interval between blogs.  I am actually writing this just before Psychic Sally’s Big Fat Operation.  Inevitably the programme will start as I’m typing and then […]

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