The Snow Queen has visited our island

As we don’t know one another and frankly, I’m rubbish at introductions I thought to start this blog off I would ask my two children; Morgan and Tam Lin to pretend they don’t know me and think of twelve completely random questions. Here they are;

What is the pet you’ve had with the funniest name?
I called my first guinea pig Ermintrude after the cow in the Magic Roundabout children’s programme.

If you were a witch in a Harry Potter book, what kind of wand would you have?
Weeping willow with a single hair core plucked from the mane of a silver dappled Icelandic horse. Seventeen inches.

What is your favourite letter in the alphabet?
X – because it means a kiss.

Which SpongeBob Squarepants character would you be and why?
Squidward – because he’s grumpy and so am I!

If you turned two inches tall, who would you like to get squished by?
The Queen of England – she would have clean shoes and I wouldn’t spoil her red carpet by dying.

What is your favourite food?
Chocolate – of course.

If you went to St. Trinian’s School for Girls which group would you be in:
Posh Totties

According to my friends, I would definitely be a Posh Tottie

If you could be any animal what would you be?
A cat, they sleep a lot and get their own way.

If you were a faerie what would be your name?
Miss Giggleberry Peaseblossom

If you could be a Disney Princess who would it be?
Snow White – she had seven adoring friends, could talk to animals and got her handsome prince in the end.

If you could have anyone to dinner, who would it be?
I’m not telling you!

How many trees did you fall down from when you were little?
None, I was a very careful climber.

Here begins my diary of life on a small island; the same island that I have set my forthcoming children’s book on. I hope you will follow my children and I in all the things we get up to on the Orcadian island of Westray in Scotland; the place we are lucky enough to call home. There once lived here Vikings, faeries, witches, trolls, mermaids and selkie folk. Westray is so full of magic and wonderment that I can’t help write about it.

Let’s start with today – not especially magical, but not our usual kind of Saturday! I woke up really late as I had been writing until the early hours of the morning. When I pulled the curtains I realized that we were still snowed in for the second day running. I am sure you all have snow too as the whole of the UK is covered in white snowflakes falling, clearly shown when the weather reporter on the TV news shows us the map. We were beginning to run out of food, so I was thankful when my neighbour rang and kindly offered to pick Tam and I up at the end of our lane to take us to the shops. Our lane is a quarter of a mile long and the snow is so deep that our car would get stuck if we tried to drive it through the snow. Tam and I had to walk and in some places the snow was nearly over the top of our wellies!

The roads were full of snow and it was difficult for our friend to drive. When we reached the village there were lots of people out on foot, trudging their way through the snow. A friend waved cheerfully and laughed saying; ‘Lovely weather we’re having!’ Everyone seemed to be helping one another out as there were stuck cars and slippery pavements.

When we had done our shopping our friend dropped us off at the end of our lane. Tam and I put our shopping on our sledge and pulled it home. It was really hard work and I wouldn’t like to be a husky dog! It started off okay, but by the time we were nearly home Tam and I were really fed up and bitterly cold. When we got home I got in the door and burst into tears as my hands had never felt so cold in my whole life. Tam was feeling the same too. Morgan was home and put the kettle on for us – how lovely to have a cup of tea!

Yesterday we built a snowman and we were quite proud of him, he even got named; Caspar, as he was white and oddly shaped like a little wispy ghost. Morgan and Tam put a hat on him, raisins for eyes, buttons and a mouth, sticks for his arms and a pair of gloves. He looked great until today when Baxter our standard poodle took a liking to him. He pinched one of his gloves as they looked good enough to eat and then peed on him – definitely on purpose. Tomorrow we are going to make a new improved snowman and Baxter isn’t going to be allowed anywhere near him.

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