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Faerie Priestesses 2

It is almost 10.30pm and I have had a busy day.  Every so often my mind has wandered to our magical evening and that I still haven’t finished writing about it.  My memories and that of the girls, we find, are quickly erasing the events of Saturday night, quite as if it were a dream.  […]

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Faerie Priestesses

I went to bed at about three last night, but I could not get to sleep until around four as I had so many exciting thoughts wisping through my mind about the faerie ring.  Everyone has woken up late and the two girls have slept very deeply and have had interesting dreams.  We discuss their […]

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We Faerie Preistesses do Solemnly Swear

We Faerie Priestesses do Solemnly Swear to Ride the Kelp Stalk of Magic Higher and Further Than Any Other in the; Daisy Faerie Ring It is 2.20am on Sunday 18th April 2010 and strangely I know perfectly well that I will not be able to get a wink of sleep unless I commit even just […]

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