Faerie Priestesses 2

It is almost 10.30pm and I have had a busy day.  Every so often my mind has wandered to our magical evening and that I still haven’t finished writing about it.  My memories and that of the girls, we find, are quickly erasing the events of Saturday night, quite as if it were a dream.  This is always the way.  This is the way faerie magic works.  Therefore, I am keen to commit to paper tonight what the evening held for us so that I do not lose it forever.  As a Faerie Ring we hold our magical evenings as confidential, so I cannot divulge exactly what happened (our personal experiences), but I can give you a flavour of what we delved into.

All three of us took turns in every aspect of creating a magical circle, a sacred space.  This was the only time that I will allow them the book to refer to.  The next time we meet they know that they have to learn their words off by heart, as to read from a book while you create magic takes some of the magic away.

Tonight was to be Daisy and Alcina’s Faeriecraft Dedication and they were really looking forward to becoming Faerie Priestesses.  If you have my book Faeriecraft, you may be familiar with this particular rite which is in Chapter 8, The Faerie Temptress.  It seemed as though as soon as we cast our circle Daisy and Alcina became transformed into two fey beings.  They looked totally different to how they do in everyday life.  I believe that they shone; that they radiated a fey kind of beauty and the sight of them both dedicating themselves to faeriecraft was a very special moment for me.  They had both written poems to their chosen Faerie Kings and Queens for the dedication.  I was so proud of both of them and the atmosphere was almost effervescent, it felt as if the room was filled with soap bubbles of excitement.

I also explained to Daisy and Alcina that a faerie rite should never be taken too seriously.  Obviously the faeries had informed other occupants in my house to remind us of this as several times we were interrupted; a couple of times by gate-crashing mice.  They dared to make loud noises eating; a lot of crunching and munching was heard while we were concentrating on quiet moments, then by my dog who decided to come and make himself comfortable on the sofa and watch the proceedings while giving himself a thorough and very noisy wash!

Daisy and Alcina took part in every aspect of casting a circle.  Then our ‘work’ for that evening, which was to consecrate Alcina’s Book of Elfin, wand and my new wand which Daisy, had recently made for me from willow.  Then followed the faeriecraft dedications and finally they both blessed the chocolate cake that Daisy had made and the apple juice.  An offering of the cake was also left for the fey, which we placed on the doorstep of the beautiful faerie house which lives in my home.  Daisy and Alcina also banished the faerie circle.

When we had finished our evening of magic we all made sure that we were properly grounded and used techniques such as clapping our hands, stamping our feet and rubbing ourselves from the tops of our heads right down to our toes to disperse the energy and bring us back down to earth.  To make really sure of this, we made cinnamon and brown sugar on toast and had cups of tea.  It is always good practice to have a ‘feast’ after a magical working as food ‘earth’s’ us.

By now it was really late and a lot of yawning was going on.  We were so tired that we could not be bothered to get up and put ourselves to bed.  Thankfully we managed it in the end.

Thus began our happenings in the newly formed Daisy Faerie Ring, which will document the magical training of my students; Daisy and Alcina, both ‘teen’ Faerie Priestesses.  Over the next few days I will bring you up to date with how the faerie ring came about.  The next faerie rite that we will hold will be to celebrate Beltaine, apart from Samhain (Hallow’een) it is my favourite night of the year.

Daisy and Alcina have already started planning it… and the general consensus of opinion is that all noisy mice and dogs will not be invited next time.

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