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Faerie Lore

1. The Faerie Queen
2. Sparkling Spider’s Web
3. The Elven Tree
4. Enchantment of the Elves
5. Singer in the Stream
6. The Faerie Ring
7. The Faerie Mound

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Faerielore is beautiful magical music that creates the perfect ambiance for the listener to relax. Forget worries and literally be taken off into another world.

Working closely with top faerie author Alicen Geddes, Llewellyn takes us on a musical journey to discover the Faerie Ring.

Faerie Workshop

1. Welcome… by Alicen
2. Do You Believe in Faeries– An Exercise in Belief
3. Visualizing Your Faerie Queen
4. The Faerie Queen Meditation
5. Honouring the Faeries Celebration – Including Three Healing Faerie Wishes
6. Two Feet Firmly on the Ground – A Grounding Exercise

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Top UK faerie expert and author Alicen Geddes takes us on a magical journey to meet the faeries. Featuring popular visualisations and guided meditations from her own faerie workshops, this unique CD is an absolute must for anyone who has a passion about faeries. Featuring the music of Llewellyn.

Alicen Geddes is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading experts on the Faerie realms.

Journey to the Faerie Ring

1. Begin the Journey of Secrets
2. Discover the Faerie Queen
3. The Sparkling Spider’s Web Entrance
4. The Magic of the Elven Tree
5. Enchantment of the Elves
6. The Singer in the Stream
7. The Faerie Ring
8. The Faerie Mound at Dusk

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Journey to the Faerie Ring is a spoken guided meditation by top faerie expert and author Alicen Geddes.

The meditation CD includes detailed sleeve notes by Alicen and offers advice on how to meditate with faeries.

Journey to the Faerie Ring includes wonderful visualisation imagery and is based on the magical faerie story created by Alicen and Llewellyn from FaerieLore.

Journey to the Faeries

1. Faerie Cottage
2. The Winged Sylphs
3. Dancing Salamanders
4. Alluring Undines & Mermaids
5. The Crystal Caves
6. Gnome Woods
7. The Fairie Gift – Farewell

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From the composer of ‘Journey to the Temple’and ‘Journey to the Angels’comes a magical recording that takes us on a journey into the faery realm.

Discover the enchanted faerie cottage, enter the world of the flying winged faerie sylphs, the fire dancing salamanders, and the alluring water undines. Llewellyn takes us to distant mermadic shores and explores wondrous crystal caves guarded by the deeply wise gnomes.

Journey to the Faeries can enhance your imagination and promote relaxation. If you are not yet familiar with visualisation and meditation, then simply relaxing to this music will heighten your sense of magic and peace. Allow yourself to be guided and inspired by the enchantment and imagery captured in these soothing soundscapes, as you journey the shimmering astral pathway to FaerieLand.

Journey to the Faeries includes special accompanying notes by Alicen Geddes.

Teen Witch Workshop

1. Introduction
2. Know the warning label on Magic: Use magic Safely and Responsibly
3. Prepare to be Magical with Potions and Herbology
4. Open and Close the door Marked Magic
5. Cast a Magic Circle
6. Meet the Elementals
7. Raising the Power and a Journey with the Star Goddess – Queen of the Constellations
8. Perform Three Simple Spells to Empower Your Life
9. Spell One – The Invisibility Cloak
10. Spell Two – Find me Love
11. Spell Three – Keep me Safe
12. Magical Offerings/Close the Door Marked Magic and Have a Midnight Feast!

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So, you think you could be a witch? Take your first steps on your magical pathway where you will learn what real witches do and don’t do. Enter a realm of magic; gently and enchantingly where you will learn to awaken your natural ability to explore and learn The Craft.

This workshop has been created especially if you are a teen to guide you safely in what you really need to know to get started in magic.

The Faerie Cottage

The Faerie Cottage provides advice on how to meditate with the faeries, where you can allow yourself to be guided by the words and imagery, taking you through all the four elements of the entrancing Land of Elphame.

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