Journey to the Faeries


1. Faerie Cottage
2. The Winged Sylphs
3. Dancing Salamanders
4. Alluring Undines & Mermaids
5. The Crystal Caves
6. Gnome Woods
7. The Fairie Gift – Farewell

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From the composer of ‘Journey to the Temple’and ‘Journey to the Angels’comes a magical recording that takes us on a journey into the faery realm.

Discover the enchanted faerie cottage, enter the world of the flying winged faerie sylphs, the fire dancing salamanders, and the alluring water undines. Llewellyn takes us to distant mermadic shores and explores wondrous crystal caves guarded by the deeply wise gnomes.

Journey to the Faeries can enhance your imagination and promote relaxation. If you are not yet familiar with visualisation and meditation, then simply relaxing to this music will heighten your sense of magic and peace. Allow yourself to be guided and inspired by the enchantment and imagery captured in these soothing soundscapes, as you journey the shimmering astral pathway to FaerieLand.

Journey to the Faeries includes special accompanying notes by Alicen Geddes.

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